The Coalition on the 2011 Budget

February 15th, 2010

HOUSTON – The Coalition for Space Exploration (Coalition) looks forward to a thorough evaluation by the Congress of the budgetary framework President Obama has proposed to ensure NASA can sustain a robust and balanced space program of human spaceflight, climate, science, robotics and aeronautics.

As the president said in his State of the Union address, other countries are not playing for second place – and neither should the United States. Even in today’s difficult economic environment, we call on our nation’s leaders for intensified bi-partisan efforts to provide long-term, consistent direction and support for space exploration. Having witnessed how stops and starts are detrimental to our national space program, we are concerned with the proposed termination of the Constellation program and sustaining a high-level workforce. We urge the White House and Congress to come together under the proposed budget increase for NASA to develop a sustainable, long-term strategy.

With adequate funding, NASA can continue to provide a significant return on investment in the form of tens of thousands of high-tech jobs and advancements that spur the development of new competitive industries. NASA enhances international partnerships and serves as a beacon for youth to study subjects that will enable them to successfully enter the modern global economic workforce.

It will take leadership, vision and investment to ensure that America’s leadership in space is preserved along with the many benefits that exploration brings. We urge the Congress to take steps that will ensure that NASA has the resources it needs to continue to advance our space program as one worthy of a great nation.

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One Response

  1. Erik says:

    I plan on working in the space industry in the immediate future and it seems as though funding a private space industry is the long term solution the United States would most benefit from. Is the Space Coalition’s support for this new Congress plan based on a prior disposition to look favorable upon NASA by it’s board members? Was the Constellation program not over budget and past schedule deadlines? Could not this highly skilled workforce we are worried about filter into the private companies that will be driven by competition to complete their contracts on time and on or under budget? I’d like to see the rational behind the “concern” over the Presidents plan. Thanks.