About the Coalition


The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration is a national organization of more than 50 space industry businesses and other stakeholders committed to assuring the United States remains a leader in space exploration, science, technology, and international cooperation. Based in Washington, D.C., the Coalition advocates in support of a long-term, sustainable direction for our nation’s space investments.


The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration is the preeminent industry advocate for sustained human space exploration, space science, and space technology leadership by the United States.

Guiding principles

  • • Advocate to Congress and the Administration for policy and budgets that enable progress in human exploration, science, and the utilization of space, efforts that include NASA’s Artemis program.
  • • Emphasize the importance of competition for both cost and risk reduction. As NASA increasingly taps into the commercial space sector, the agency should work to foster a wide range of industry participation.
  • • Support appropriate contracting mechanisms to leverage innovation and address program and market risks. NASA should structure competitions in ways that give companies a realistic probability of technical and business success.
  • • Support the inclusion of small businesses, including disadvantaged businesses, in NASA contracting services, as they are a vital element to a resilient space industrial base and have been key to the nation’s successes in space.
  • • Encourage NASA to build on its prior space and infrastructure investments that spur regional economic development, grow technology hubs, and support local businesses and workers.
  • • Seek to highlight the role of low Earth orbit (LEO) and the International Space Station (ISS) in the scientific and technological research needed to inform deep space human exploration. The Coalition supports keeping the ISS through the 2020s as NASA seeks to foster follow-on LEO facilities.
  • • Seek to promote diversity and inclusivity in space as well as inspiration through STEM outreach.
  • • Emphasize the benefits of international cooperation in space and of peaceful space utilization, as the U.S. faces competition from rival nations.


*The Coalition is a 501 (c) (6) operation in the District of Columbia. If you would like a copy of the Coalition’s form 990, please email christen.kapavik@spacecoalition.com.