Coalition Members

Coalition for Deep Space Exploration


As a member, you will receive:

  • • Exclusive access to Coalition Capitol Hill and Executive Branch events
  • • Member-only updates on policy and industry developments, and summaries of relevant congressional hearings and NASA meetings
  • • Off-the-record meetings with government officials to foster open dialogue
  • • Virtual and in-person meetings with the Coalition’s team where members can provide feedback, network with other members, and hear the latest developments
  • • Monthly newsletter on Coalition activities and developments
  • • Promotion on our social media channels and our morning news aggregate
  • • If joining as a small business member, the ability to join the Coalition’s Small Business Committee in addition to the benefits above
  • • If joining as an Explorer, the ability to join the Space Policy Advisory Committee to influence advocacy objectives, opportunity to meet with members of Congress and Congressional staff through Coalition-coordinated appointments, and opportunity to serve as a representative to the Board of Directors, in addition to the benefits above.

The Coalition is also now expanding our membership to allow educational, economic development, and other non-profit organizations to join as associate members. This category of members will have unique opportunities to partner with us and have access to Coalition member-only events, meetings, newsletters, and congressional updates and analysis.

For information on how to join the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, contact Christen Kapavik at