February 2nd, 2022

Welcome to a webinar about NASA’s upcoming Artemis 1 mission. Hosted by the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, the webinar occurred Friday, February 4th, from 1pm-2pm EST.

The webinar marks the first in an interactive series, “Space 101,” that’s designed to provide an understanding of the technology needed to return to the Moon. The series will cover basic rocketry and orbital mechanics, rocket technology, life support systems, radiation protection systems, and much more.

Prominent speakers at the Feb. 4th event, “Rockets 101,” included:

  • Dr. John Blevins, SLS Chief Engineer, NASA
  • Doug Bradley, Deputy RS-25 Program Manager, Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Mark Tobias, Deputy Chief Engineer for the SLS Program and Chief Engineer for the BOLE Program, Northrop Grumman

They covered the rocket equation, why NASA chose an expendable rocket design for the Moon program, and why the combination of the RS-25 engines and solid rocket boosters were chosen for the SLS. Attendees were also able to ask the panelists questions after the webinar.

If you’re interested in attending future events, please contact to Madeline Auerbach at for details. If you have questions, please call 202-471-4228 ext. 101.