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June 11th, 2022

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Here is a list of news that were published in our Newsletter the week of May 23-27:

Human Space Exploration:

  • Shenzhou-14 taikonauts to conduct 24 medical experiments in space
  • NASA audit reveals massive overruns in SLS mobile launch platform
  • GM and Lockheed are taking their lunar rover project to the commercial space market
  • France signs Artemis Accords on future lunar exploration


Space Science

  • China releases most detailed geological map of the Moon to date
  • NASA’s latest plan to fix Trojan spacecraft’s unlatched solar array shows signs of promise
  • Psyche launch delay forcing revamp of rideshare mission
  • NASA is joining the hunt for ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’
  • Five planets will line up in the sky in June. Here’s how to see it
  • Ingenuity Mars helicopter team aims to keep flying despite dead navigation sensor
  • Hubble finds a bunch of galaxies that Webb should check out
  • NASA’s new powerful space telescope gets hit by larger than expected micrometeoroid
  • NASA releases totally Rad Roman Telescope retro video game
  • New trove of data from Europe’s Gaia mission will lead to best Milky Way map ever
  • South Korea cancels Apophis probe
  • NASA’s DAVINCI mission could start a scientific renaissance on Venus
  • Valery Ryumin, cosmonaut who launched to Salyut and Mir, dies at 82
  • Russia seeks to hijack German telescope on its X-ray spacecraft
  • Perseverance is seeing A LOT of dust devils
  • Small NASA lunar probe to hitch ride on commercial Moon mission


Other News

  • 2022 John Glenn Public Service Award goes to Bill Nelson
  • Northrop Grumman to boost production of solid rocket motors following big contract from ULA
  • Airbus sending 3-D printer to Space Station next year to pave way for off-Earth factories
  • First NASA space launch from Australia this century to lift off in June
  • Raytheon moving corporate headquarters to D.C. area, joining other defense primes


Major Space Related Activities for the Week

  • SpaceX’s next cargo launch to Space Station delayed from Friday due to odd propellant reading
  • NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon rocket returns to launch pad for crucial tests


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