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May 21st, 2022

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Here is a list of news that were published in our Newsletter the week of May 16-20:

Human Space Exploration:

  • Coalition Members in the News – Aerojet Rocketdyne, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance: Starliner OFT-2 launch makes it to orbit, heading to ISS
  • NASA seeks input on human exploration objectives
  • Blue Origin delays next space tourist launch from May 20 due to vehicle issue
  • Coalition Member in the News – Boeing: NASA astronauts excited to watch Boeing’s Starliner launch to Space Station Thursday
  • Coalition Members in the News – Boeing, United Launch Alliance: Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft will launch on a crucial NASA test flight today. Here’s how to watch live
  • Spacesuits aboard Station declared a “no-go” pending analysis of recent helmet water leak
  • NASA reveals launch dates for Artemis I through the first half of 2023
  • Coalition Member in the News – Jacobs: NASA, Air Liquide continue working on Artemis I WDR issues
  • Coalition Members in the News – Boeing, Northrop Grumman: The science and cargo of Boeing’s OFT-2 Starliner test flight to Space Station
  • Coalition Members in the News – Axiom Space, Collins Aerospace: Axiom Space breaks ground at Houston Spaceport
  • Coalition Member in the News – Axiom Space:Pace of work put strain on private astronaut mission to the ISS


Space Science

  • China’s Zhurong rover switches to dormant mode in severe Martian dust storm
  • Sun busts out trio of moderate solar flares that might herald more activity
  • Ice giants and icy moons: The planetary science decadal survey looks beyond Mars to the outer solar system
  • Sun’s mysterious pole and a ‘solar hedgehog’ revealed in closest-ever images of the Sun
  • Mystery issue experienced on NASA’s Voyager 1 probe from 1977
  • NASA’s Mars lander InSight has only a few months to live on the Red Planet
  • Scientists grow plants in Moon soil for first time: ‘Everything sprouted’
  • Did you see the Super Flower Blood Moon last night? It was stunning


Other News

  • U.S. Space Force to step up protection of satellite ground systems in the wake of Russia’s cyber attacks
  • Russia launches Bars-M surveillance satellite
  • Military buyers challenged to stay up on the latest commercial space innovations
  • Coalition Members in the News – Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman: Military experiment demonstrates intersatellite laser communications in low Earth orbit
  • U.S. officials say Pentagon committed to understanding UFO origins
  • Pentagon boosts two Seattle ventures working on nuclear-powered prototypes for space applications
  • Colorado Senators push back on location for Space Command HQ
  • Chinese satellites propulsion startup secures funding as country’s constellation projects grow
  • As space gets more crowded, House committee still questioning SSA path forward
  • Watch the Humans to Mars Summit 2022: Red Planet travel and international relations take center stage
  • India hit by more suspected space debris
  • Manchin introduces bipartisan bill to establish Space National Guard
  • Redwire warns of volatility in commercial space markets
  • Coalition Member in the News – Northrop Grumman: Melting Arctic ice opens new front in strategic power competition
  • Coalition Members in the News – RS&H, Teledyne Brown: Huntsville airport, Sierra Nevada space dreams coming true
  • ISRO successfully tests human-rated HS200 solid rocket booster for Gaganyaan mission
  • Chinese startup suffers third consecutive launch failure
  • NASA’s CAPSTONE cubesat launch to the Moon delayed to May 31


Major Space Related Activities for the Week

  • Coalition Members in the News – Boeing, Northrop Grumman, United Launch Alliance: NASA and Boeing launch Thursday at 6:54 p.m. EDT – Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2).


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