Congresswoman Sanchez visits Coalition member VACCO Industries

December 1st, 2016

Last week, Congresswoman Linda Sánchez visited VACCO Industries and received an overview of the company’s Space and Defense businesses.

The Congresswoman toured VACCO’s manufacturing facilities, particularly those that are participating in NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion programs. The diverse and highly motivated employees of VACCO, excited to be part of the space exploration program, met with Congresswoman Sánchez on November 21st.

Image Credit: VACCO Industries

Image Credit: VACCO Industries

A member of The Coalition, VACCO Industries has a Space Product Group that designs and manufactures essential components for deep space missions.

VACCO contributes to Orion and the module that supplies Orion with power, propulsion and life support systems, called the European Service Module (ESM). The company also makes parts for SLS and the Interim Cryogenic Stage that will provide the in-space propulsion for Orion to fly beyond the moon on its first integrated mission with SLS in 2018.

VACCO was pleased to host Congresswoman Sánchez and highlight their work toward advancing human space exploration and maintaining the country’s defense. The Congresswoman was interested in the company’s ability to maintain a workforce of highly-skilled technicians and engineers in the 38th District of California that she represents.

Image Credit: VACCO Industries

Image Credit: VACCO Industries

Congresswoman Sánchez was shown the range of valve and filter sizes that VACCO produces which include six-foot-tall Navy valves, cryogenic valves for human spaceflight that were frozen in condensation, and pocket-sized satellite valves. She showed interest in the company’s clean rooms, chemical etching facility, cryogenic test stands, high-pressure pneumatic test facilities and Helium reclamation plant.

Image Credit: VACCO Industries

Image Credit: VACCO Industries

VACCO is designing and manufacturing fluid control valves, filters, and quick disconnects for SLS, Orion, the European Service Module and the Interim Cryogenic Stage.

The quick disconnects and fill and drain valves supply cryogenic propellant and high-pressure helium to SLS from the ground until the rocket launches. For main propulsion valve actuation, VACCO provides helium regulators and relief valves. The company also supplies cryogenic propellant control valves, filters and screens.

For the Orion capsule and the European Service module, VACCO makes the propellant and gas control valves, environmental control valves and regulators, fill and drain valves, filters, and T-0 quick disconnects.

The image below shows how the different parts will fit together.

Image credit: NASA/MSFC

Image credit: NASA/MSFC

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