CSExtra – Top Space News for Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27th, 2014

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Today’s CSExtra offers the latest reporting and commentary on space related activities from across the globe. Engineers use scale models and unpiloted test articles to achieve new milestones in the development of NASA’s Space Launch System heavy lift rocket and Orion crew capsule. NASA space shuttle suit gets second life as garb for early NASA Orion missions. Florida congressman calls on Neil deGrasse Tyson to stir passion for human exploration. China plans Mars rover and sample return missions. Early Mars habitable? Students, MIT combine forces for Mars time capsule. New Horizon planners look beyond Pluto for secondary destinations. Russia reinstates female cosmonaut selection. Haircuts on the space station come after U.S., German World Cup soccer match. Russia readies test flight of new Angara rocket family.

Human Deep Space Exploration

Watch NASA test-fire a ‘Mini-Me’ version of its new Space Launch System

Huntsville Times (6/26): NASA fires off scaled versions of the Space Launch System to chart acoustic forces that might influence the lift off of the largest rocket ever developed.

NASA’s New Orion Spacecraft and Space Launch System (6/26): Engineers work with scale models of NASA’s Space Launch System heavy lift rocket and Orion crew exploration vehicle to validate design requirements from the launch to landing.

NASA’s Orion Completes Extreme Drop Test (6/26): Orion spacecraft lands successfully after complex parachute drop test in Arizona. Orion, in development to carry U.S. explorers on future missions of deep space exploration, is nearing its first space test flight in December.

How to design a spacesuit for landing on an asteroid (6/26): NASA selects modified space shuttle suits for its Orion crews to wear.

Congressman: We Need Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Get People Excited About Going To Mars

Huffington Post (6/26): Florida congressman Bill Posey calls on Tyson, the popular astrophysicist and host of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey to rally American enthusiasm for deep space exploration. The call came this week at a U.S. House hearing on the future of U.S. human space exploration.

Unmanned Deep Space Exploration

China plans to land rover on Mars by 2020

Russia Today (6/26): China plans to place a rover on Mars by 2020 and bring back samples from the Red Planet a decade later, according to a top scientist with the country’s Lunar Exploration Program. The timetable was announced this week at the 22nd International Planetarium Society Conference in Beijing.

Glaciers on Mars, 3.5 Billion Years Ago

Air and Space Magazine (6/26): Mars may have been cold but habitable early in the solar system’s development. Scientists see evidence for glaciers on Mars more than three billion years ago.

New Ion-Propulsion System Could Deliver Time Capsule to Mars (6/26): Students, MIT and others combine to organize a mission using ion propulsion to send CubeSats to Mars with photos, video and other memorabilia from Earth.

Fine, You Reached Pluto. So What’s Next?

Time (6/26): NASA seeks new destinations for its New Horizons spacecraft, which is barreling toward a flyby of distant Pluto in July 2015. After Pluto, then where? The Kuiper Belt, which looms beyond, is filled with small faint objects left over from the formation of the solar system.

Low Earth Orbit

Cosmonaut Kikina: Roscosmos reinstates rejected female candidate In Russia, the space program calls Anna Kikina back to the cosmonaut corps. On June 16, Kikina was missing from the roster of new Russian space explorers. She’s an engineer and economist.

Good Game Germany! Thanks for the Shave

Twitter (6/26): U.S. astronaut Reid Wiseman pays off a debt to German crewmate Alexander Gerst aboard the International Space Station. The U.S. lost its World Cup soccer match with Germany 1-0 on Thursday.

Commercial to Orbit

Russia Readies Suborbital Test Flight of New Angara Rocket (6/26): Russia plans test launch Friday of new Angara rocket. The test flight from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome will be suborbital.

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