Coalition for Space Exploration lauds Augustine Committee

September 9th, 2009

HOUSTON – The Coalition for Space Exploration acknowledges the hard work and service to the nation by the Review of U. S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee and its chairman Norm Augustine. The committee was able to re-examine the nation’s future course in space and assess that additional investment and commitment are needed to keep America on a trajectory that is innovative, sustainable and safe. The options preserve an essential American spirit of exploration and discovery, while establishing a framework for bold new strides.

These are challenging economic times, but this is not the moment to turn away from leading a global space exploration effort that will stimulate technology development, create high-tech jobs and inspire a new generation of scientists, explorers and engineers. We look forward to President Obama and Congress weighing in on the choices provided by the Augustine Committee, charting an inspiring course and determining the proper pace for the journey.

It’s time to shape a 21st century agenda that keeps America at the forefront of exploration, one befitting our country’s greatness.