Coalition for Space Exploration calls for definitive plan upon announcement of 2010 NASA budget

May 7th, 2009

HOUSTON – “The Coalition for Space Exploration is encouraged by the president’s $18.7 billion budget for NASA in fiscal year 2010. Yet, the uncertainty of NASA’s future direction, specifically in exploration, leaves many unanswered questions. Fundamental concerns linger regarding our ability to remain a leader as a space-faring nation and the resulting issues surrounding workforce transition from the space shuttle program. While we are pleased to see a balanced budget for science and exploration, we must not lose our progress in achieving a seamless transition from current to future space vehicle programs. A focus on space exploration is vital for maintaining tens of thousands of high-tech jobs that drive our nation’s economic engine and maintain our technical edge.

We urge the administration to take additional key steps that maintain our global leadership position in space exploration. First, name a NASA administrator to execute a robust space exploration agenda. Second, announce a definitive plan for how we intend to solve the nation’s multi-year inability to launch humans into space following space shuttle retirement.

We must remember that space, science and technology are essential components of our nation’s economy.”

Dean Acosta, Chairman – Public Affairs Team
Coalition for Space Exploration