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Keeping Your Cool

Spacesuit insulation technologies protect the astronaut from extreme high and low temperatures of the space environment. However, the same insulation technology also works to keep heat released by the astronaut’s body inside the suit. The two investigation activities in this Exploration Brief allow students to demonstrate the principle behind the operation of the space shuttle […]

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Do It Again: The Four Forces of Flight

How do planes fly? What forces are at work creating the ability for a heavier than air craft to lift into the air and soar through the skies? Investigate the four forces of flight (lift, drag, gravity and thrust) as Dr. DoIt performs demonstrations to explain these forces. After seeing the forces in action, learn […]

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The Courage to Soar

This integrated unit allows students to conduct scientific experiments, construct aircraft models, and read selections and research topics about aviation. The 23 lessons in this educator guide support national math, science, technology, geography and language arts standards. The lessons have built-in assessment opportunities. Students will build sled kites, rotor motors, foam airplanes, straw aircraft and […]

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The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge Unit

Follow the Treehouse Detectives in four video segments as they consult with fitness experts and NASA specialists to learn about good health, physical fitness and proper nutrition. Use the lessons and the questions in the videos to reinforce the concepts discussed in each segment. They can be found here.

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Aeronautics Educator Guide

The activities in this guide help students learn the basic principles of flight. The guide is divided into three chapters: Air; Flight; We Can Fly, You and I. The end of each chapter has a list of simple interdisciplinary activities for all elementary subjects. The PDF of this guide can be found here.

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A Lesson in Engineering with the Space Launch System (SLS)

Let your students become a NASA materials engineer! Using items such as straws, tape, and cardboard, students design and build a mobile launcher platform that is light enough to be moved to the launch pad, but strong enough to hold the weight of a rocket. Linked to Next Generation Science Standards, this activity is appropriate […]

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