China’s Space Station Module Moves to Launch Site

June 30th, 2011

Courtesy: August First Film Studio/CMSE

The next step in China’s space program is launch of that country’s first space station module.

The Tiangong-1module has been transported to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu Province. Now on site, the hardware is slated to undergo final tests before its scheduled liftoff later this year, according to several Chinese news outlets.

The 8.5 ton space laboratory, Tiangong-1, is designed to serve as a rendezvous and docking platform for China’s future spacecraft.

China plans to hurl into Earth orbit the Tiangong-1 on a Long March II-F carrier rocket. It would be followed by launch of an unpiloted Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in the latter half of this year, to carry out the nation’s first space docking.

Meanwhile, China’s first human space movie theme “Flying” is being premiered. Produced by August First Film Studio, the film is focused on China’s first generation and new generation of astronauts for that nation’s human spaceflight program.

By Leonard David

5 Responses

  1. J. L. Lee says:

    P.S. Hold the MSG please!

  2. J. L. Lee says:

    WOW! …The first noodle shop on the moon.

  3. Russel Gauthier says:

    Ya, I bet you we will have full 3D photos of the full surface of Mars in close-up detail and people will have walked around the whole planet virtually in video games and the such prior to us ever going there(Mars). I’m not American, but Canadian, but still I don’t think the Americans going to the moon is what necessarily gave them tech leadership; it was the fact that they were already technologically advanced enough to do this. It isn’t like they got people to the moon and then suddenly they received amazing technology suddenly. That was a result of the space program of the time and their general focus on education and science during that era(not as much now).

  4. iontyre says:

    This has got to be the most glacially slow space program in history. At this rate they will get to Mars in 2990.

  5. max m stalnaker says:

    I have seen the head of the chinese manned lunar landing program quoted, inaccurately?, as saying apollo gave the united states tech leadership of the world for 20 years. The current US government will violate its own law in order not to have a manned space exploration program.