All Onboard for a Journey To Space: New Film Debuts

March 5th, 2015


Journey To Space is a brand new, exciting and informative film, a fascinating production that spotlights the past, present, and future of space exploration.

This unique documentary spotlights not only America’s giant leaps of space travel brought about by the Space Shuttle era, but the next steps in asteroid exploration and planting the first footsteps on Mars.

Journey To Space provides a special salute to the Space Shuttle Program and the 355 astronauts who flew on 135 missions of the winged space plane. Overall, the film provides a timely review of how NASA is hard at work transitioning from the end of the Space Shuttle program to an aggressive and ambitious future that will forever alter how humankind will live and operate in space.

A special attraction of the film is highlighting the evolving plan of “walking and working” on the Red Planet – Mars.

Spirit of human exploration

Human deep space exploration is showcased in Journey To Space making use of extensive interviews with astronauts Chris Ferguson (Commander of the final shuttle mission) and Serena Aunon (a new astronaut chosen for future flights). But that’s not all. Blend in an alluring narration by film and television celebrity Sir Patrick Stewart.

The film captures the spirit of human exploration and describes how it is at the core of our own DNA. Moreover, the film calls attention to the reality that the space program did not expire with the end of the Shuttle Program in 2011. Rather, as the film underscores, America’s agenda for space is vibrant and on a full-throttle trajectory.

This impressive film is sure to both inspire a new generation of young people to dream of new horizons in space, as well as engender a new appreciation for the accomplishments brought about by the Space Shuttle program that enabled the construction of the International Space Station.

Behind-the-scenes view

Viewers are treated to a behind-the-scenes view of those individuals helping to shape America’s future in space, from the Orion spacecraft to the Space Launch System now being built to boost the next stages of U.S. space exploration.

Journey to Space is sponsored by Boeing and Toyota, co-produced and co-distributed by K2 Films, Inc. and Giant Screen Films, and is being released in IMAX(R), Giant Screen and other specialty theaters in 2D and 3D.

“No longer science fiction, a human mission to Mars is in the planning stages, and major steps are being taken to make it a reality within a generation,” said Bob Kresser, chief executive officer of K2 Films. “Our goal in making this film was to tie together the actual hardware being built with the tremendous planning under way that will make the next steps in space exploration the most far-reaching in our history.”

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By Leonard David