“SPACE 101,” 5th Session, May 6, 2022

May 9th, 2022

Welcome to the Mission Architecture 101 webinar, the fifth session in the Space 101 series. Hosted by the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, the series aims to provide an understanding of the fundamentals of the technology needed to return to the Moon and answer questions surrounding NASA’s upcoming Artemis I mission.

The Mission Architecture 101 webinar took place on May 6 via WebEx, and covered topics such as NASA’s approach to developing space missions like Artemis, basic orbital dynamics and lunar trajectories, and potential future applications of Artemis elements.

Speakers for this webinar included:

  • Mike Sarafin, NASA HQ Artemis Mission Manager
  • Doug Cooke, NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration (Retired)
  • David Burks, Boeing Business Development for Deep Space


If you’re interested in attending future events, please contact to Madeline Auerbach at for details. If you have questions, please call 202-471-4228 ext. 101.

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