Wanted: Your “Best of Earth” Vote

March 3rd, 2014

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

Attention: All you riders of the Earth.

NASA’s Earth Observatory website is after your vote – to cull through the best Earth images of the past year.

From March 3 through April 4, you can vote for top Earth images, picking your favorites from 32 pre-selected from 2013.

The tournament of remote sensing science takes into account: Data, Art, Event, and Photograph. There are five rounds of voting spread across five weeks.

So it is up to you to separate the winners from the losers.

Complete and print your own bracket and compare how you do against your friends or you can download a blank bracket (PDF) to fill-in offline.

Thirty-two images are in the competition, but which will be chosen?

To vote in Tournament Earth, go to:

By Leonard David

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