Space Station Research Eyed to Benefit World Agriculture

October 16th, 2013

Credit: Zero Gravity Solutions

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. of Boca Raton has announced its plan to commercialize, industrialize and monetize the unique capabilities of the International Space Station (ISS).

The group is focused on a proprietary technology designed for use in the space program, but can be developed and prepared for agricultural use on Earth.

According to a press statement, Zero Gravity Solutions is pursuing the creation of BAM-FX, a technology for densely nutritious, immune system enhancing food for application to world agriculture.

Disruptive technology

“Our six years of work on the International Space Station and the intellectual property we own has allowed us to introduce the first of an anticipated pipeline of technologies to help to feed the world,” said Harvey Kaye, chairman of the company.

The zero gravity biotechnology company said that initial data utilizing BAM-FX as applied to agricultural use on Earth has demonstrated — through independent certified laboratory analysis — the ability to systemically deliver targeted minerals and micronutrients throughout a plant from seed or root to maturity.

The capability to create highly nutritious, immune system enhanced crops that are not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), according to the firm, “is a potentially significant, disruptive agricultural technology.”

Field testing

“During the next 12 months, the company will be engaged in rigorous field testing in conjunction with end product users, foundations, governmental agencies and academia,” said Richard Godwin, Zero Gravity Solutions’ chief executive officer and president. “It is expected that peer-reviewed data resulting from this work will lead to final formulations, application methodologies, manufacturing, sales and distribution of this breakthrough technology.”

According to the firm’s website, “the race is on” for a solution to the threat to the world food crops due to climate change, depletion of minerals and nutrients in soil throughout the world.

Zero Gravity Solutions is keen on pioneering new solutions utilizing ISS-enabled, non-GMO stem cells.

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By Leonard David

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