Space Elevator for the Moon Proposed

July 12th, 2010
Credit: LiftPort Group


It is not science fiction. It’s a way to colonize space using today’s technologies and materials.

That’s the view of advocates for planting a space elevator on the Moon. The concept would consist of a ribbon made of very strong and very light material — carbon nanotubes being a material of choice – stretching out from the lunar surface into space.

Once in place, elevator cars serve as robotic lifters to haul cargo. Such a lunar elevator could provide cheap and reliable access to the Moon.

In order to fine tune the plan, the LiftPort Group of Bremerton, Washington is holding a workshop dedicated to realizing the Lunar Elevator in the next 10 years. The event is being held July 31 – August 1 at the Future of Flight museum in Everett, Washington.

The LiftPort Group goal is to create a scalable, mass space transportation system, open up the vast market opportunities that exist in space, many of which haven’t even been imagined yet.

For information on the Lunar Elevator workshop, go to:

By Leonard David

One Response

  1. Micah says:

    Why would we waste so much time and money to build a space elevator on the moon… First. This idea makes no sense. If we have the technology to build an elevator to space, start at earth. Saves money over time. Larger payloads would be available. Then, after the earth elevator is complete we can build an elevator on the moon, a mid point space station in between the two, a whole host of other things that make more sense than trying to build something that has never been built before in conditions that are less than ideal.