New Horizons: Edition Apollo 104 Poster Set

February 11th, 2012

New Horizons: Edition Apollo 104 Poster Set, By Robert Godwin; Apogee Books, Canada; $49.95; 2011.

This is Apollo on steroids…panoramic photography on the Moon. It is imagery that you’ve never experienced. The folks at Apogee Books have done an incredible job of packaging here.

There are over 100 color roll outs, measuring 20 inches by 6.6 inches, that will plant your feet on solid lunar terrain. Each roll out is filled with extensive descriptions of what you’re looking at, moon-wise. A nice little touch is a couple of tiny, cute models – a ladder-free moonwalker as well as minuscule version of the gigantic Saturn V!

Added for good measure is an Apogee Prime DVD that also scrolls you through panoramas of the lunar landscape as taken by moonwalkers. Terrific viewing by the way!

Over 2,500 video screen captures have been melded together to show the NASA Apollo program’s tromp across the Moon in a new, dust-free, way.

According to Apogee info, in 1999 author, editor and publisher Robert Godwin created the first ever seamless digital panoramas of the Apollo lunar surface photography.

This new set expands on that early work and introduces an entirely new perspective to the historic photographs taken during the Apollo moon walks.

As expressed by Andy Chaikin, author of A Man On The Moon and Voices From The Moon, “this set is an Apollo geek’s dream.”

But even for those that are geek-free, any viewer can now see the Moon in a different light thanks to this collection.

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By Leonard David