LAMPSON: Rumors of NASA’s demise greatly exaggerated

March 27th, 2012

It is a growing concern that the public believes NASA is closing its doors. This is far from true. Although NASA’s shuttle fleet retired in 2011 after 30 years of admirable and groundbreaking service, the space agency’s vibrant mission is far from over. We need to keep the fires of the agency’s spirited agenda burning by ensuring NASA is fully funded to carry out what it has been tasked to do for our country.

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  1. Sloke says:

    I would tend to agree NASA is wasting time and money to go back to the moon again; leave it to China, India, et al to have scoend place.America needs to stretch it’s wings again and going to Mars would indeed be something, something that only America can accomplish first time round, something that only America is really only capable of doing.There is no glory in going back to the moon, so yes, leave it to the likes of China and India to have their belated accomplishments, leaving America to push on and reach out for Mars.

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