May 18th, 2014

Taking place August 4-7, AIAA SPACE 2014 will examine the impacts of space activity on society. The forum will convene a global conversation around the important role our community plays in enabling a connected culture, monitoring our planet, expanding our boundaries beyond Earth, and advancing technology and innovation to address worldwide opportunities.

The Forum’s general sessions, plenary speakers and panelists will address these key issues:

Facilitating Global Connections

  • What sorts of new opportunities and capabilities do space-based assets and technologies enable in terms of connecting society?
  • What capabilities are missing?
  • What do complimentary industries need from the space community to make their businesses more successful?

Monitoring the Planet

  • What new EO systems are being developed?
  • What innovative uses of climate and weather data will we see in the near, mid, and long term?
  • Are our on-orbit systems sufficient and sustainable to provide the data and services needed in an emergency?

Expanding Boundaries

  • What is the current status of major exploration programs?
  • How do non-governmental initiatives fit with governmental plans?
  • How do we sustain exploration in a constantly changing policy and budget environment?
  • How do we communicate the importance and benefits of exploration to those outside of our community?

Advancing Technology

  • How are space technologies used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of common processes?
  • What new technology spin offs are providing opportunities for new businesses?