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Flight Testing Newton’s Laws

“Flight Testing Newton’s Laws” uses aircraft to stimulate students’ interest in the physical sciences and mathematics during the course of ten lessons with corresponding videos. The main emphasis lies in showing how Newton’s three Laws of Motion and the four forces of flight apply to flight testing an aircraft. Students solve problems involving kinematics and […]

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Dietary Impacts on Astronauts’ Bones

Students analyze a chemical reaction that occurs in bones and propose possible ways for astronauts to decrease bone mineral loss. Students will determine mass and volume relationship with an emphasis on mole concepts; and write acid-base reactions. This activity can be found here.

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Do It Again: Aeronautical Testing the NASA Way

Learn how to engage students in the investigation of variables that affect flight patterns of paper aircraft. Students manipulate wing shape to evaluate the affect on flight patterns. Students launch paper aircraft in the classroom to collect, measure, and evaluate data. All materials needed to implement the lesson will be created during the workshop. This […]

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Keeping Your Cool

Spacesuit insulation technologies protect the astronaut from extreme high and low temperatures of the space environment. However, the same insulation technology also works to keep heat released by the astronaut’s body inside the suit. The two investigation activities in this Exploration Brief allow students to demonstrate the principle behind the operation of the space shuttle […]

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Museum in a Box

These lessons are great for educators at museums, science centers and schools, Museum in a Box provides exciting hands-on/minds-on lessons with an aeronautics theme to inspire future scientists, mathematicians and engineers. The lessons are tied to all national science and math standards. Find them here.

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Do-it-Yourself Podcast

Are you looking for a new approach to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics? NASA’s Do-It-Yourself Podcast activity sets the stage for students to host a show that features astronauts doing experiments on the International Space Station or NASA experts explaining scientific concepts. Find the podcast activity here.

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