Launch Operations

Imagine a spaceport of the future, where a variety of space vehicles are preparing for launch, to depart Earth on missions to expand humanity’s reach into space.

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Launch Operations program is propelling this vision forward. NASA KSC is transforming from a historically government-only launch complex to a spaceport bustling with activity involving government and commercial vehicles alike.

The Launch Operations team is upgrading infrastructure and facilities to meet tomorrow’s demands, while keeping flexibility in mind, to accommodate a multitude of government and private customers.

Among the team’s modernizations are two crawler transporters (CT), which have transported rockets and spacecraft to the launch pad for more than 40 years. Each are the size of a baseball infield. When the Space Shuttle fleet retired in 2011, the crawlers were envisioned as critical elements of future launch operations at NASA KSC. CT-1 is being modified to take commercially operated rockets and spacecraft to the launch pad. CT-2 is being strengthened to handle the Space Launch System and its load, including the Orion spacecraft or other cargo.