Board of Advisors :: Marc Havican

Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

Marc Havican
President, Space City Films

Marc Havican headshot

Growing up near the Johnson Space Center during the earliest days of human spaceflight, Marc had a front-row seat as history unfolded, watching television trucks, reporters, crews and filmmakers invade the neighborhoods of Timber Cove and Nassau Bay to share the story of America’s space program with the world.

After graduating from the University of Houston School of Communication, Marc began his career as a video assistant in the NFL on coach Jerry Glanville’s Houston Oilers staff. He was also one of the first-ever NFL Instant Replay technicians, working Oiler games until the team moved to Nashville in 1997.

Marc left the Oilers to work for the local NBC affiliate KPRC-TV. In 1989, two of Marc’s passions – space flight and filmmaking – blended perfectly when he landed his dream job as a producer/director at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. For nearly seven years he was immersed in telling the story of NASA and human spaceflight. He left NASA in 1995 to build Space City Films into an industry leader in aerospace film, live event and multimedia production.

When the NFL returned to Houston in 2002, Marc helped the Houston Texans franchise build their NFL Instant Replay crew into one of the top units in the NFL. He has worked dozens of NFL playoff games and a Super Bowl.

When he is not travelling the world directing films, concerts and live events, interviewing astronauts, scientists, and executives, or shooting rockets and spaceships for clients, Marc produces model kits for his company Futuristic Retro, and conducts seminars and demos at model shows around the country.

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