Deep Space Mission


Your future is here.

America is leading the world in a bold new adventure to ensure the expansion of knowledge, economic growth and a better life for all. Deep space exploration will open new worlds of learning and technological advancement.

NASA is building the capability to take humanity farther into the solar system than we have ever gone before. It is the inevitable next step. This mission is now. Not next year, not in a decade, but today.

Commit yourself, because this is your mission. Deep space will be part of your future.



The three phases of NASA’s Journey to Mars

NASA has a step-by-step plan to put American boots on the Red Planet.


Today’s Deep Space Extra for Monday, May 2, 2016

In Today’s Deep Space Extra… Structural evaluations of the NASA/Lockheed Martin Orion capsule assigned to Exploration Mission-1 get underway at the Kennedy Space Center. Human Deep Space Exploration Orion pressure vessel moved to test stand at KSC Spaceflight Insider (5/1): The NASA/Lockheed Martin Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1) Orion spacecraft pressure vessel has been placed on a test […]

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About the Missions

NASA’s mission is to explore what is beyond our Moon, to learn about our galaxy and eventually send humans to places we have never been before. This mission has already begun and we are reaching key developmental milestones every day.

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